mediaJET, Silver Iridium Pearl, 260 g

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Product description:

Silver iridescent photo paper, which emphasizes the effect of metallic picture elements impressively and uniquely. Jewellery, industrial motifs and portraits are particularly striking thanks to their high density and maximum colour space. The fascinating metallic effects and an iridescent shimmer on this extraordinary pearl photo paper will win you over.

Specific feature:

mediaJET SIP 260 Silver Iridium Pearl is a newly developed photo paper, with a special iridescent lustre ink jet coating. With its metallic-pearl surface, the paper is ideal for photos where the metal character is to be emphasized, and for black and white/portrait photography, where special iridescent effects are desired. Photo-realistic, true-colour, lively and detailed reproductions, printed up to 5760dpi, with the feel of a classic photo paper are the result. mediaJET SIP 260 Silver Iridium Pearl is a high quality photo paper, suitable for universal application on all current LFP-ink jet printers with dye and pigment inks. The nano-porous coating delivers excellent, highly detailed colour rendering, with sharp contours, an extremely large colour gamut and excellent flatness

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