mediaJET PopArt Canvas Light 280g

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Canvas, polyester, matt

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PopArt Canvas Light 280g

PopArt Canvas light is a single-sided coated fabric made of 100% polyester, suitable for color-intensive graphic art applications on all common inkjet plotters. This product is particularly suitable for presenting graphics, art, and photo reproductions. The clear and regular structure of the fabric remains clearly visible. Thanks to the use of 100% polyester fabric, there are no irregularities in the fabric unlike natural cotton. The inkjet coating exhibits good water resistance. Due to the flexible coating, PopArt Canvas light can be stretched well without breaking. For longer hanging times, the use of pigmented inks or UV inks is recommended. PopArt Canvas light can be sewn and also used as a banner. Free-hanging applications should be appropriately weighted, as the sides of the material could bend inward. A varnish coating with protective varnish systems increases the lifespan of the prints.


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