CANSON, Infinity Arches, Discovery Packs – A4, 8 ark

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ARCHES® master papermakers have been producing very high-quality fine art papers since 1492, and today ARCHES® is the only paper mill in France using a traditional cylinder mould process for all its papers. Now artists, printmakers and photographers have the ability to create digital fi ne art prints on an authentic ARCHES® paper for both limited and open edition work.

A unique inkjet receiving layer has been applied to all the papers within the ARCHES® digital art reproduction range. This innovative coating produces prints with superb colour rendition, deep blacks and pure whites offering photographers, artists and printmakers the opportunity to create images with a superb tonal range, excellent highlights and mid-tones.

The ARCHES® Discovery Pack allows you to test each of the papers and decide which surface texture and aesthetic you prefer.

  • ARCHES® 88
  • ARCHES® BFK Rives Pure White
  • ARCHES® BFK Rives White
  • ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag
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